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May 16, 2011


Luis Enrique

your theory potentially related to the confidence idea - people that are more used to being trusted may be more confident as a consequence. I wonder how much noisier self-assessment of looks are, relatve to stranger assemessments? Could it be that people who might give their own looks a low rating nonetheless have higher self-confidence attained by experience of how others treat them? I'm not sure the self-assessment thing, interesting thought it is, quite rules out higher self confidence as being a big part of the story.

CS Clark

In these experiments how do they manage to control natural beauty from looks resulting from haircut, skin routine, use of product, shininess of shoes, trendiness of style, thread count and other things related to wealth unless they throw each participant into the same shower then examine them clothed in the same backless surgical gown? One at a time, I mean.

By the way, the Daily Mail really missed a trick when they didn't hire our gracious host to be their official Getting Totty Pics In the Paper Through Whatever Means Necessary Even Though We're Higher Class Editor.


Aren't good looking people supposed to be more competitive and therefore more likely to "STEAL" if were playing golden balls, i.e. less trustworthy and geared to playing the "hawk" option. Their symmetric features a sign of (I use the term very loosely here) "genetic fitness"

...That show makes me so angry.


If this is correct then is the premium a result of evolutionary Psychology? Rather than the imperfection of Contracts? so it would exist under any economic system. I take it then we should have a surcharge on the income tax for very good looking tax payers. Now what will the libertarians say about that idea!


Its right looks matters. The place you working , the place you going for outing, a restaurant, Hotel, Garden or any where etc. Peoples likes your look at you they don't like your looks they don't.


Normal human behaviour unfortunately. We should judge people by what they achieve not their looks.

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