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June 21, 2011



The problem with the way you've approached this is that you've gone for the "We need people to be other than they are" method. People want things, they want status and to achieve them they must be ambitious and they will be regardless of any applause or condemnation you provide.

Life is in some ways a competition and accepting that people have that in their nature causes far less suffering and death than the various projects to bring about a "better man".

" people are never more ruthless than when they believe they have right on their side"

Oh so true, do apply it.


Falco I get the impression you had that response cached from the last time some hippy told you we needed to make people less grasping, and it blurted from your memory straight to the keyboard without troubling the parts of your brain dedicated to higher thinking.

Because otherwise you read a post attacking an ideology for the success it has had at developing ambition in a segment of the population, and argued the author wouldn't be able to do anything about it anyway because you can't change how ambitious people are.


"The other is that feminism - in this sense - is a diversion. In encouraging women to climb up hierarchies, it deflects attention from the question: should our economic and political life be structured hierarchically at all?"

In short (and to paraprhase Zoe Williams) does feminism aspire to be merely 'capitalism with tits' when the problem might be capitalism itself?


Yes. Heard it all before, decades ago, so long ago that I've forgotten who replied that indeed feminism was a diversion: a diversion on behalf of one half of the human race.

You clearly don't realise feminists have discussed these issues, which are, incidentally, complex, for many years. I advise you to do some, you know, "research". I think I'll go and re-read Mackinnon.

O. Puhleez

There is a growing literature about the damage that authoritarians and control-freaks do to the organisations they earnestly scramble to the top of, and to the people around them. I doubt that many have missed encountering them at some time. (A. Hitler was but an extreme example.)

So I give you the Puhleez Principle (which others may have encountered from other sources, but I certainly have not):

Power should never be given to anyone who seeks it.

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