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August 30, 2011


CS Clark

To the same extent, I suppose it means a virtue of liberal democracy for the rest of us is that it makes it easier to judge how much indulging the personal moral and ideological hobby-horses of elites and special interest groups is likely to cost us.


The trouble with paying Danegeld is you never get rid of the Dane. I suppose every time there's a riot, useful idiots will pipe up 'We must make a gesture' and rack the tax up a bit more. The top rate of tax went up to over 50% this year, have you forgotten that? Considerably higher than in France too, even with a 3% surcharge, and on incomes over £100K not £500K. Didn't stop any riots as far as I can see.

Could we have an estimate of what top rate of tax does guarantee no riots, and is it legally binding (ie next riot after the increase reduces the tax back to where it started)?


The difference with taxes and democracy is that now they bribe us with our own money.


Well Jim I am looking forward to the return of 91 per cent Income Tax. oh for the good old days of free University study proper NHS dentistry and five hundred thousand new council houses a year from super mac. "You've never had it so good" as Macmillan said, and he was right! The days Before public policy was taken over by people who only care about their wallet rather than Human Welfare. Oh and by the way we always had riots and probably will in future. Crass Materialism is not the same as a social Conscience. After all the Bullingdon club is supposed to wreck restaurants as their entertainment and initiation ritual. Will Camerons' Gang injunctions apply to his friends in the upper class gang of Bullingdon bullies? Exemplary punishment at once I say for the upper class nitwits, Borris to the stocks immediately. Mayor of London ? Village idiot more like.

Guido Fawkes

I think libertarians are well aware that the welfare state is a protection racket.


Japan's rigid hierarchical culture and racial homogeneity probably have more (or at least as much) to do with it, don't they?

Luis Enrique

isn't that an advantage of liberal democracy for all of us?

I mean, speaking as a member of the masses, I would far rather be bought off with redistributive fiscal policy and a high standard of living, rather than survive for decades under the heel of oppression and then have to overthrow el presidente in a bloody revolt.


1) It is a rather flimsy protection racket that one can freely leave whenever one wants.

2) As to "bribing us with our own money" - I've never seen any money with my name on it. As I live in the eurozone, the money I use currently has the name of the European Central Bank on it. In fact, if I tried to print my own money and pass it off as legal tender, I could easily end up in prison. Money is a social convention whose existence is entirely at the mercy of the government and not any individual or individuals - unless these individuals are numerous enough to vote the government out.

Steve Williams

Boursin - I recommend ignoring Guido. Most people manage to troll just one or two comment sections. He's been trolling the nation of Britain (with a dismaying amount of success) for most of the last ten years.

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