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October 26, 2011



Regards how one might be penalised for being conscientious, I wonder if this isn't conflating conscientiousness with perfectionism? Perfectionism can be both paralysing and selfish (the perfectionist only really works for themselves), while that isn't true of conscientiousness.

Churm Rincewind

As the old saying has it - Nice people are liked, but nasty people are respected.


ah but are the nasties ugly and the nicies beautiful? did they take that into the their "science"


"The meek might inherit the earth in the next world, but they don’t get much in this."

Or, alternatively, some of the meek might have decided that increased wages aren't the most important thing that they can get out of this world...

dr ray

Interesting but open to other interpretations. Perhaps the "agreeable" people have friends and a social life and see less reason to justify their lives by working and earning a high wage.
Perhaps we should feel sorry for the no-mates higher earners

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