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November 01, 2011


Churm Rincewind

This all assumes, of course, that there is such a thing as a "criminal". There isn't. Most crime is caused by being male and aged between around 15 and 25.

No further analysis is required.


would have been nice to see a comparison between politicians and the general public.

Eric Crampton

Wait. They had a prison sample and they didn't run the prisoners' dilemma? What the hell?! Is there no poetry left in the world?


Well given we are all human beings, its hardly news is it? But equally, given they are in prison for some fairly serious stuff (being in a medium security prison)and we are not, there must be some reason for that, and this little experiment hasn't found it.

Personally I suspect if you recreated the experiment outside of the security of the prison, you might find that the researchers were mugged and the money taken rather rapidly, leaving few conclusions, other than that criminals tend to commit crimes, and the general public (on the whole) don't.


Churm Rincewind has a good point. Crime has a biological and social element and probably other specific factors in different situations. There is also a definition problem as things which are crimes in one country are not in another; some activities like white collar crime often wasn't criminal until recently and old crimes have been abolished all making comparison difficult. It is also open to doubt if such "games" really are equivalent to a controlled experiment in Physics say. Atoms don't have minds or emotions. There actions with respect to other atoms have no social context. Or moral context. So one should not go too far in drawing conclusions from them.

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