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December 29, 2011


Tom Addison

"We can do better... it's me who'll find the solution... let's ignore the fact we've failed in the past"

Pssh, sounds like Arsene Wenger to me

*Awaits slap in face*


Consider yourself slapped. 4 league titles and world coach of the decade award suggests a modicum of success, and ability to find solutions.

Tom Addison

Okay I'll admit it, I'm a pretty big admirer of Wenger's, even if he is somewhat bounded by the paramters of perfection. Then of course there's the rumour that he steals foreksins and irons them on his face.


But any one can be wrong. Your ideology is not decisive. You can mistake facts even if your theory is right or right most of the time. I also am not comfortable with this grand dismissive contempt for centralised decision taking by politicians you seem to have. Some one must take decisions. Unless you subscribe to the idea that some how an as yet un invented hidden mechanism can make every thing right with out human intervention? "The market" with a capital M or even a Anarchist society requires human judgement to work. millipede does not inspire confidence as he is a twat. But then that reflects the narrow pool of candidates from which Labour draws its leaders.
It also reflects the dismally right wing and un convincing economic policy agenda that Labour followed in power and has not really repudiated. How are you going to improve my life Mr Milliband? If he could give a convincing answer more people might vote for him. May be the Labour leadership should start to think about the effects of their crap policies on the people they supposedly represent for a change?


I think he'd have a better chance of convincing voters if he spoke in complete sentences and not chopped up phrases.
"To demonstrate that optimism can defeat despair.” The man can't even think in a coherent sentence. What hope does the Labour Party have with a semi-retarded parrot as its leader?


"I think he'd have a better chance of convincing voters if he spoke in complete sentences and not chopped up phrases."

Ain't that the truth. Listening to Miliband reminds me of my infants school's assemblies. Except, of course, that my headteacher knew what she was on about.

John H

Interesting to compare your description of "managerialism" with Peter Oborne's post on "modernisation" earlier this week.

John H

Grr. Typepad not letting me post links. Let's try this:



This is a great article, and a great topic to explore. Thanks for sharing.

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