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April 11, 2012


Francis Sedgemore

Stephen Hairster?

I'll get my coat.

andrew slaughter

However, taking another angle on physical attributes,there may well be a negative income impact of having ingrowing toenails - if only because at least one well paid career, being a premiership footballer, would be more difficult with this condition



..." Yet if we enumerated the things that are bald, and then the things that are not bald, we should not find the present King of France in either list. Hegelians, who love a synthesis, will probably conclude that he wears a wig."

On Denoting

Bertrand Russell


"'bald asshole!' -that's a hate crime!"



Bald people actually have a greater chance of becoming a PM or president, if you are looking at the set of all those eligible.

Mark Wadsworth

Thanks for linking.

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