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May 11, 2012



I said something similar about social v economic equality since the 1970s.


A victory for social and economic liberalism perhaps?

Account Deleted

So, "a credible inflation target reduces homophobia". The pained expression on Mervyn King's face when he has to revise the inflation target (again) is now explained.


Sounds like rubbish to me.


The term "economic freedom" as currently used actually means the opposite. It means subjugation and exploitation of the vast majority in the economic sphere. We must all work for its destruction.

Real economic freedom is socialism.


One could read 'economic freedom' in two contradictory ways. I'm guessing Tim means the freedom to do what you want with your wealth. But it could be read as 'the freedom and opportunity to do things for people who don't have much money.

Having been involved in writing a fair few equality impact assessments in my time - looking at whether policies had differential impact on people on account of their gender, age, ethnicity, sexuality or disability, I've always thought that 'economic status' was the elephant in the room. If governments were forced to consider whether policies had a negative impact on 'people without much money' we might have done much more to tackle underlying inequality.

Mike Killingworth

Patrick, I am reminded of the time, nearly thirty years ago now, when I was an officer in one of London's then left-wing Labour boroughs. At an Xmas "do" I remember saying to a Committee Chairperson, "well, Councillor, would you like me to abolish poverty world-wide or merely push it across the borough boundary?"

That is why "underlying inequality" hasn't been tackled more than it has, and indeed is tackled less by each succeeding administration as the ranks of those who think the workers should be rewarded for their contribution to two World Wars won are thinned out by the Grim Reaper.

And even if we could push it offshore, those Brits whose hearts relate more to Kingston and the Punjab than to cream teas and college lawns would be quick to see it as yet another racist manoeuvre...


So Japan is the most Gay tolerant place on the planet? Or do we mean that developed economies have generally lower inflation and less homophobia. Maybe developed is the key word.

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