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May 06, 2012



I couldn't agree more. The attack on Roy Hodgson in the Sun was criminal. The internet is killing the newspapers and long may it continue.


Bloggers of the World United

The Thought Gang

The established media has an OxBridge bias that would make the tory front bench blush, and more nepotism than you could shake a cosy internship at.

So the 'real' media recruits from a far smaller and less meritocratic pool, and is then further compromised by commercial considerations, and editorial/institutional bias.

The blogosphere probably always provided the better writing and more intelligent commentary… but the evolution of the social web, and the tools it provides, has helped the cream rise to the top or, at least, to somewhere where the rest of us can find it.


"The established media has an OxBridge bias"

Any data on the educational background of bloggers ?

Jordan S. Terry

One major difference: Many (dare I say almost all?) of the better (at least business/finance/econ/etc) blogs are written by (former) professionals and academics. Contrast that with Media, which is largely stocked with Journalist-school grads who lack the business education and experience of their blogger counterparts. While you can't really speak in general, I think you can speak about the content of more popular business blogs being almost always of higher quality (more technically accurate, deeper, etc) than what comes out of the media.

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