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May 16, 2012



Your RSS feed's disappeared, some time in the last couple of days - the last update it registered was the Gove post.


I am still getting it! Are you sure you can't re-add it Phil?


Sage can't see a feed when I look for one. I can subscribe by putting the URL in the address bar, but then Sage gives me an "XML Parse Error" when I try to access it.

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@Phil, Then phone the Sage help desk.

Meanwhile, back on topic ...

If the headline numbers are masking an increased level of churn, then we should expect confidence to lag behind any improvement in employment.

In other words, where people entering employment would once have immediately increased their expenditure (and might even have incurred debt), we can now expect many to divert some (if not all) of their increased income towards saving for the next rainy day.


Or I - and anyone with the same software and equal or lower levels of commitment - could watch the broken feed icon for another few days, then delete the feed and forget about it.

I subscribe to 28 blogs using Sage. 27 of them are working fine. Why would I assume the problem was with Sage?

On the topic of the post, I noticed on this evening's news that the "actively seeking work" definition of unemployment is proving just as useful for this government as it was for Thatcher's, which invented it; New Labour didn't do much to roll back the restrictions on claiming unemployment benefit introduced by the Tories, but at least they acknowledged the existence of "ILO unemployment" as a concept.


A good post on a misunderstood topic! On the flows from inactivity to employment I'd say that a large slice of this is people moving from full-time education in work. The LFS asks unemployed people what they were doing before they started looking for work and about half were working, a quarter in education and the rest looking after the home or "other". You're absolutely right about the thin dividing line between unemployed and inactive though. To be unemployed you have to be not working, have looked for work in the last 4 weeks and available to start in the next 2 weeks. The ILO looked at how you could vary these definitions and come up with very different unemployment figures for different countries. If you only include those who have looked in the last 2 weeks you have less unemployed people!

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An RSS/Atom feed is published only once. It is the responsibility of the client (Sage in your case) to grab a copy. If there were a problem at the server end, i.e. a failure to publish, then no one would get it.

As others are getting the feed, it makes sense to start looking at your end first. Try deleting and re-adding the feed. If this still fails, try adding the feed via another reader.


I've deleted & re-added the feed, & added the Atom feed instead of the RSS feed, both with the same non-result. It's not Sage, either - if I add the feed link to my bookmarks Firefox won't load it. (Safari does see it, on the other hand.)

I've been subscribing to this blog for yonks with no problems; nothing's changed at this end. Something has to have changed on the server side, either here (is there some malformed XML in or after the Gove post?) or at Typepad.


There is a lot of fluidity in the job market and unemployment rates. You're right in terming it a snapshot and a river rather than a pool which is a misleading misnomer.

As one of many who are looking for a life-saving raft along this rapidly moving current, I have enjoyed writing quite frankly about the day to life of being unemployed and looking for work as a young professional.

One professional's journey of being unemployed in a once booming industrial metropolis. http://workinonitinpgh.blogspot.com

If you need some humor along with your dose of reality, I think you'll enjoy this site.

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