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July 27, 2012



Hopefully, he and his unprincipled colleagues will be wiped out at the next election.

Chris Purnell

Once infaltion was ignored for policy reasons and ultra low interest rates were established policy could have been driven by these two 'unique' events. Why have external funding of infra-=structure if government can borrow at vanishing low rates? The government has failed the Keynes Test i.e. changing their mind when the facts change.


I am not so sure that the euro crisis was unforeseeable. The hard money approach of the euro treaties and policy announcements by ECB officials and German and French politicians seem very clear. The implications for growth are dire. Just like the policy of the British Coalition. The coalition has the same policy as the euro policy elite so they cannot blame johnny foreigner for following their own policy in a slightly different form. Also close attention to the statistics of the euro area show the enormous divergence brought about by the EURO currency. Interest rates set for German economic conditions producing a boom in Spain with huge vanity projects in both the private and public sector. The poisoned dish has been simmering away for years.

Margaret Thatcher and Alan walters seemed to anticipate the problem many years ago. Unlike the Liberals and new Labour with their economic heads up their A*se.

Donald Pretari

Good Post.

Account Deleted

Re "Cable's words ... suggest that the coalition did not undertake basic contigency thinking". No shit, Sherlock. And when did a political party last do that? Since Thatcher we have been saddled with fools who promote conviction above evidence. To admit ignorance, and the need for analysis, is fatal. Did Major do a contingency analysis re ERM, did Blair/Brown do one re dropping their pants for bankers?

Hopi Sen is hardly a good reference re the dangers of hubris. The man is still selling the same Blairite snake-oil: "It will involve a focus of resources and a renewed religion of priorities. It will mean a politics able to say no more often than it can ever say yes". Nope. It will mean a politics that says work for your own interests.

Labour will not regain power until it delivers power. Delivering to capital and rent-seekers, while buying off labour with public sector investment, will no longer work. It's time to get serious and say yes to labour. (How weird does that sound?)

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