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August 19, 2012



Great post. I find it slightly sad though that you had to put your "sexist?" explanation at the end. The post is so clearly not sexist that it says something about the prevailing orthodoxy on gender issues that you felt you had to comment at all.


Have you just discovered that human societies are non-linear chaotic systems or something?

Of course you can't predict them.

Anyway, fatness was not at an equilibrium in the first place.


@ Andrew - I haven't just discovered it. But everyone who thinks economics (and the social sciences generally) can make forecasts clearly haven't discovered it. And that's a lot of people.

Account Deleted

How do you know they are Rutland's "fattest" women, as opposed to just ones who are fatter than those you usually see when you letch on the exercise bike? Have you conducted an exhaustive study, or at least one that made you break sweat?

Perhaps these new recruits are those who know they are fat (i.e. self-aware), acknowledge it's a problem (not deluded), and also believe (whether justified or not) that they can do something about it. As such, they are perhaps acting quite rationally.

The "milfiest" (I really can't see that neologism catching on) would only join your gym if a) they were also over-weight (which implies you are a chubby-chaser), or b) they were already fit (in both senses) and rationalised that the example of Louis Smith and Tom Daley would inspire more lush young dudes to visit said gym.


I am troubled that I find myself thinking "arse to elbow" before I get to the end of your posts. Having said that, I do share your concerns about chris's patronage of Rutland gyms. Even the word "Rutland" gets you thinking.

Tom Addison

MILFs don't go to the gym, they have personal trainers. However, you may be able to find some at health clubs and the like


I wonder whether the Olympics have inspired Eric Pickles to exercise.


I'm writing about fat women here simply because I've not noticed increased exercise among fat men.

Plus the fact that neither Mo Farah nor Sir Chris Hoy were really being held up as role models, especially as men are rarely the subject of debates about body image, let alone obesity. How you get to economics from those examples would be interesting...


The, er, mixed success of the Americans and Australians in imitating the physiques of Carl Lewis and Ian Thorpe in the 90s and the noughties doesn't bode well for the maintainance of these Rutland regimens.

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Milf Hunter

Never thought I'd read the word "milfiest" on your blog, Chris! (Though I suppose it does have a certain charm). I shall do my bit to popularise the term...

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