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September 03, 2012



Mr Romney was also a governor of Massachussetts, but he is strangely shy of running on his record.

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Will.i.am is on the cusp of committing to a Burkean view of politics: the idea that we should direct current policy to serve the interests of future generations. He is therefore opposing a conservative view to a neoliberal one, while Romney is trying to accomodate both. These metaphors serve to show how narrow the US political spectrum is.


You know, I'm sure there's a relationship between this post and that photo, but, honestly, I don't care.

Diarmid Weir

'The right should do so because hierarchical metaphors, associated as they are with winners and losers...'

But isn't it the essence of the thinking of the right, that 'winners' are virtuous by default - as long as they haven't obviously broken the rules? They are the anointed ones, and so deserving of our 'followship'? It's circular reasoning of course, but powerful. To be fair to Lakoff, I think that is his point too.


Right! wrong use of metarphorRight! Wrong use of metaphor reveals the way we look at and approach our government. Governments are neither CEO nor Parents, but rather leaders. If we see our government as leaders, then we can articulate better what we expect from them and what we as citizens have to do for the common good of our Nation.

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