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October 10, 2012


Nick L

Economic opportunities for women are also likely to have a bearing on preferences for wealthy partners. There are other forms of non-economic status competition too, as evidenced by hipster culture. In a Keynesian utopia, would-be Casanovas might need their free time to keep abreast of the latest art-house films and noise-wave bands.


Having lived in both Scandinavia, the US and Britain, I can report that Nordic women (in general) are less impressed by the status wealth gives and are less available for casual sex.

Luis Enrique

I like n-shaped much better than the ubiquitous inverted-U shaped, why haven't I thought of that before?

[meanwhile I am not at all sure that men pursuing conspicuous consumption is a plausible determinant of technological progress, but it's a nice thought]

Account Deleted

Madison Avenue was atypical of the 50s and 60s, and Mad Men certainly shouldn't be read as a sociological study. As a number of recent histories have pointed out, guilt-free shagging didn't really take off for the mass of people until the 70s.

A better sex=growth argument might be that Haight Ashbury and SF's bath houses resulted in the invention of the Web, though you could equally make the argument that this was down to more and better drugs.

What I don't understand is why Paris didn't become the capital of bling after 1968.


To quote the late great Ralphie Cifaretto, a Boxter is a "Porsche with Panties".


One could also point that with the costs of health, education and housing rising in most developed countries. Remember we consider these necessities.


You should put this post in relation to the "Researcher vs Bloggers" post that was advertised here on the right column the other day.
Daron Acemoglu is complaining about the criticisms over his research, where he shows that innovation is supposedly faster in the USA than in Sweden, supposedly because social welfare in Scandinavia drives incentives away.

This sex explanation looks far more convincing.
(By the way, congratulations Chris, you found the perfect way to boost the statistics of your blog with this post)


Now I understand why I'm not a babe magnet.


so maybe to boost productivity we should ban pornography.


By gum! That lass in the photo looks fit.

john malpas

So are medical GPs losing their sex drive.
They used to do home calls and night calls as well as their day time clinics.
And now they don't.

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