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November 06, 2012


Duncan Stott

Opik wasn't an MP when he trotted off to the jungle of has-beens, so not directly comparable.


True - but my point stands: politicos rarely come out of these things well.


And two things mean she she's probably overweighting the posterior probability too... ??


The article seems to be two words too long

Richard Gadsden

Julia Goldsworthy did The Games in 2006, and came second, as indeed she did in 2010 in her re-election attempt.

Have an alternative picture to use next time:



I suspect that there will be little coverage of Ms Dorries's political views, let alone the laughable idea of something like "I'm a Celebrity" showing more than an out-of-context snippet of a logical argument. There will, however, be plenty of coverage of Ms Dorries's overweight posterior.

Duncan Edwards

She may never go as now there is a rumour she has been kicked out of the Tory party? I expect the money will be too much of a lure to stop her going into the jungle. She will probably join UKIP if she has any credibility left after this.
Like many others I really want to watch her performance the bush tucker trials but am concerned that the money she generates through votes will go towards an anti-abortion charity, a cause I do not want give to.


I'm sure that by the time she flies back,
whatever she's done to embarrass herself in the jungle will be considerably *less* embarrassing than being one of the Conservative party faithful. Rats, sinking ship, and all that.


I suspect she's only doing it for attention. Which makes me think, it was bad enough when celebrities were using their status to acquire themselves influence in politics; it's gross when politicians - see also: Mensch, Opik and others - use their status to acquire themselves influences as celebs.

Tim Almond

There might be some rational reasons for what she's doing.

There's some rumours that she's done so much to annoy the leadership that she was facing deselection anyway.

So, what's her incentive to be an MP now? Will she get fired if she doesn't answer her constituents questions or turn up at parliament? No. So, doing something like I'm a Celebrity is probably quite a good move. Do that, then perhaps get an autobiography deal, maybe a writing gig doing some moral outrage for the papers.


In view of George Young's promptness in withdrawing the Tory whip, this looks like death by cop. The suspicion that she'd had enough has been around since her reckless "posh boys" jibe. Rather than jump, she has manoeuvred a push. Her choice of programme may indicate depths of ironic humour we had not previously credited her with.

Churm Rincewind

"I suspect, therefore, that what we're seeing here is further corroboration that MPs are surprisingly bad at making judgments about probability."

Maybe she's just bad at making judgements full stop?


it's gross when politicians - see also: Mensch, Opik and others - use their status to acquire themselves influences as celebs.

And right on cue, Mensch gives Dorries a kicking in the Guardian (who must need the page impressions):

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