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November 28, 2012



The hastening decline of the dollar will speed the process.


Great piece. Links broken, however, on an old fogey's scepticism and Erik Olin Wright's call.


Thanks Jon. Links are fixed!

Marty Heyman

Ignoring the lessons of the American, French, Russian, Iranian, and Egyption Revolutions is probably a foolish approach. The Enlightenment and its lessons for the masses may just be more durable and dangerous to entrenched wealth than you suggest.


I have heard it argued that feudalism in England collapsed after the Black Death of the 1340s as with so few peasants to work the land the system was no longer economically viable.


[This is going to sound somewhat techno-utopian, but here I go ...]

Some of the people (arguably) driving the revolution -- the internet architects and programmers -- have long seen this as a revolution. We've been saying for more than a decade that things like journalism, political discourse, the development of software would all be overturned, and it all seems to be coming true.

The next big things to change will be: production of music and films (cheap laptops, cameras), certain types of manufacturing (3D printing). Perhaps one day even law-making itself.


I can't help wondering if this discussion reflects just how little 21st british capitalism has to offer. Either get yourself massively into debt (private debt good, public debt bad obviously) and go to university/college. Only to have bleak job prospects, rendering you unable to pay off the debt (apparently this is an advantage of the new tory educational dispensation!). Alternatively you could forego university and look forward to a life of starvation pay, topped up (if you are lucky) by minute contributions from the state via the taxpayer. Of course if you do avail yourself of any help, expect to be pilloried by all and sundry as a shameless sponger. Oh and if you are struggling, you can always go and see your local usurer.

The main economic argument contra stalinist command economies was that capitalism would easily ensure a better quality of life.

If the capitalism in question had resembled today's crony - financial capitalism it would have hardly been the enticing prospect proselytized for by the great and good at the time.


Actually that last post more properly belongs to the discussion on 'Payday loans: statism vs libertarianism'

john malpas

Nothing will happen in England - 'their metal is all bred out'.
Blair was a symptom as well as a cause.

The Thought Gang

I have often thought how wonderful it would be to time travel and live in one of the great revolutionary ages. But when watching the Grand Prix at the weekend, when the commentator remarked that Michael Schumacher made his F1 debut (which I well remember, and I am not an old man), the Internet was just a few days old.

We don't need time machines to live in a great revolutionary age.


Ah yes, formula 1, boys with their fast toys. Real progress.

dell laptops

We don’t tolerate texting while driving and we’re certainly not standing for it while flying,” said Sen. Franken.

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