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December 05, 2012



It's interesting how badly the OBR experiment has failed, in the sense that they couldn't find the independence to ever question Osbourne's assumptions.

gastro george

The clue to the OBR's "independence" is in the name ...


Well, the OBR has transitioned from being in the EFC/low output gap camp to being in the high output gap camp. But a major role of all these institutions is to provide a way to admit that facts are in some sense true, but also that the powerful are still right. Compare Leveson, Butler, Hutton.

Does anyone know if OBR has any offices, staff, or budget of its own now? Back in 2010 it consisted of Treasury secondees working out of offices in the Treasury, reporting to Dave Ramsden, the head of the Treasury forecasting division. And of course, it flexible-friended for Osborne literally as soon as it was set up. I think it's acquired some more substance since then, but it's still said to use a lot of Treasury civil servants.

Luis Enrique

off topic, I was listening to Robert Chote try to explain why economy was doing badly on Radio 4, and he did not once mention government fiscal policy (austerity). This is from somebody supposedly free of political interference.

gastro george

It's kind of ironic that the OBR website is at budgetresponsibility.independent.gov.uk - you would have thought they ought to have their own domain name ...


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