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February 18, 2013


Luis Enrique

It's not obvious (to me) this is about serving the interests of capitalists. It could just be about a political party enacting popular policies in a bid to retain power.

Here's what makes me think that. If the Tories take up a soft-left positions, won't they move the Overton window, or otherwise nudge Labour towards the hard-left (Milliband wanting to distinguish his party from the Tories) with the result that if Labour win the next election things will be even worse for capitalists?

I suppose it could work out that the Tories enact some soft-left policies and those matters are perceived as somehow dealt with, so the teenage attention span of the public & press moves on to other matters taking Labour's policies with it.

Still, if I was a capitalist pig, I might be nervous that ceding ground to the opposition isn't the astute tactical move you take it for.

Although no doubt you are correct that, taking a historical sweep, the rich and powerful have appeased the workers, or whomever else is making trouble, to preserve that status quo. Perhaps that's not such a bad mechanism for progress. I might be outing myself as a reactionary, but I'd rather a wet Tory than the SWP.


Capitalism is a very broad brush term. Looking specifically at Osborne's position on tax avoidance, the beneficiaries of this are the large multinationals, most of whom are NOT British. Meanwhile, British SMEs get disproportionately hit under the current system: the local independent coffee shops in Cambridge pay their taxes, whereas the Starbucks opposite doesn't. Starbucks can negotiate aggressively on price/wages with their suppliers and employees. The local guy can't do this. Moreover, the SMEs comprise the traditional Tory base.


You are far too intellectual chris. This left wing talk is all puff and no action. When they do some thing progressive I will consider your argument.

In the real world huge numbers of the poorest and most deprived will be hit by huge Housing benefit cuts which will pauperise them. All to cut tax for millionaires.

Do get real. Tory = Scum.

gastro george

Talk is cheap.

Luis Enrique


you're making me regret my comment about preferring wet Tories to the hard left. Even if you accept the right-wing case that the welfare state errs on the side of "too generous" in some aspects, that doesn't justify choosing to "fix" that in the middle of a recession.

and as you & gg say, they probably won't enact anything meaningful in any case.

gastro george

One possible advantage is that talk moves the agenda. Ed M should take the opportunity to piggy back on Osborne's words to try to frame the game, and force the issue towards real action.

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Maybe you have never really understand my existence.


The answer is blindingly obvious isn't it? The government is borrowing £,2000 per person per year. This is an absolutely enormous amount that left unchecked can only end in economic disaster. The government are desperate to cut this number and are taxing everything they can.

Am I missing something?

gastro george


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