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March 28, 2013


gastro george

Maybe too "nice"? To the extent that he didn't really seem to have any whiff of an ideology about him. And his "agreeability" then led him to please upwards instead of downwards?

Either way, not a set of attributes that would lead anywhere else than policies that cosy up to existing power. So not really a recommendation.


Perhaps his resignation manifests his despair at the latest abandonment by Labour of its principles, that is, its support for the recent enactment of retrospective sanctions legislation.

I can't say I blame David. I struggle to see why I should support and vote Labour at the next election.


Chris, when he was being 'one the the nicest blokes' you've met, was he also excusing torture and lying about rendition?


Re 29 March:
I have heard Milliband condemn the torture and murder in Syria yes. Does Stop the War movement include the war in Syria, or does the movement have nothing to offer the rest of us on that?


According to some sources (Ok, the Daily Mail) he was paid around £125,000 a year as a Director of Sunderland. Perhaps he has become more of a diamond rather than a 4-4-2 man.

Nice people are more self aware

nick j

Nice people don't go to to the high court 3 times to suppress knowledge of complicity with torture.


i like it

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