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May 22, 2013



Don't tell me you're an Arsenal fan Chris!?


It's worth noting that having lost their "superstar", Robin van Persie, Arsenal had an improved points total this season compared to last: 73 vs 70.

They scored 2 fewer goals, but also conceded 12 fewer, which suggests a more resilient team performance.


No mention of Thierry Henry - or Gareth Bale? ;-)


Oops, somehow I skipped that paragraph... you did mention Bale.

Is this an explanation for Barcelona's rise and fall? At the top of their game they fielded team mates in the quality region of Messi - but injuries and failure to buy caught up with them?

john malpas

Does this apply to such teams as the Wermacht?


Aren't the legacies of Blair and thatcher more a case of reversion to the mean rather than ability distribution?


"the performance gap between Bale and (say) Adebayor is probably larger than than between any two regular Arsenal players"

Not fair since Adebayor has hardly been a regular player this season. Started it at Man City, wasn't fit when he first transferred to Spurs [training with youth team at Man C], got injure early on, played a few games then went to African Nations Cup, came back jaded then picked up niggling injuries. So there.


Never mind the football, loved that you thought "one of the more significant and forgotten facts of the 1970s" was about Larry Grayson. Brilliant.

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