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July 14, 2013



"Respectable" was a number one single for one week in the UK on March 1987 for Mel and Kim


Just so that no-one else has to look it up :-)


While my recollection (clouded no doubt by a cognitive bias which you'll remind me of) is that when it started out this blog used to decorate every other post with a Nigella Lawson or Kate Garraway isn't your Kylie pic the first you've added after literally months of posts illustrated by nothing sleazier than the occasional line chart?


I have no problem whatsoever in women objectifying me. I may play hard to get at first but if they persist I will quickly yield to their lustful designs on me.

Szczepan Stachura

You are irritatingly serious with your links, detailed considerations, multiple caveats, and advocating positions suspect from leftist ideological standpoint. Even Kylie can't shift attention from that.
So in not being serious you failed. Although the photo from "Bravo" is another nice try.


Roger, in line with the "evidence based" nature of this blog, I conducted a random trial for your thesis. Start at 200, then go up in 20s. 200 - check - picture of Gillian Anderson. Page 220 - check, Ms Anderson again. A pattern emerges? 240 - sadly no Gillian or other similar. 260 - again, no Gillian.

In line with the cognitive bias that I was beginning to disprove what initially looked like a fun finding, I stopped the trial at that point (also Test match due to restart).

Churm Rincewind

"Although I sometimes cross-post at Liberal Conspiracy, I don't write for idiots."

What can this mean? I hope it's not what I think it does.


All blogs should be hardcore porn till the radical feminists admit they've lost.


The general point may be: why, if you are against workers being overshadowed by the demands, greed, whims and power of their bosses, are you not also against women being similarly overshadowed by men? By posting your Nuts pictures, are you not participating in a version of something you despise?


Thanks for the proper response, which is appreciated. Though David has put the essential point pretty neatly.


Ah, the Popeye defence: "I yam what I yam and tha's all what I yam". That picture of Kylie's arse was pretty gratuitous, mind. The risk you're taking is of looking predictable.

john malpas

If there were more sexist males there might not be the need to import breeders.
Meanwhile there is a debate about angels dancing on a sensitive needle et alii .


I think you touch upon a fundamental point - that economics has its basis in human behaviour. Human behaviour has its roots in our monkey ancestors and they were probably very interested in where all the prettiest girl and boy monkeys lived and where all the best bananas were. Sex and bananas, yield curves etc seem merely a consequence of these drives.


@ Kate, David - I'm certainly not in favour of women being overshadowed by men. Quite the opposite. Most of the women I feature on the blog (and all those I admire) are intelligent and independent; I would never endorse size zero models for example.
I had thought of illustrating the post with a picture of Martina McBride (of Independence Day fame), pointing out that her approach to abusive partners is not only more effective than, say, Rihanna's but a damned sight sexier too.

james higham

You keep it up, Chris and don't let the buggers bring you down.

Torquil Macneil

"I assume my readers are too clever to be fooled by the rhetorical ruses that writers use in an attempt to be taken seriously."

You mean rhetorical ruses like cleverly disguised flattery?

Luis Enrique

all this being so, if it discourages (some) women from reading your blog, that would be a shame.

is there another way of reminding yourself and your readers that you're as low-minded as the rest of us (pretend not to be)?

we need more women economist bloggers using photographs of beefcake (or whatever oils their gears) to illustrate their posts.


@ Chris - Oh good. Let's make a list of the sexiest victims of domestic violence.

We don't like women being overshadowed by men. No. But we really like it when they have been abused for 12 years (presumably McBride's song is based on Francine Hughes)and are driven to murder. Nothing sexier than a woman being so desperate she's driven temporarily insane (the court's ruling). Yes.

Why the flippancy?


Chris, we love your blogs the way they are. Just keep doing what you have been doing over the years. Don't over analyze and change your style or your views based on what your readers like or don't like. It is their problem. You don't need to defend yourself.

Churm Rincewind

@ Anand: Seconded.

Christine Lagarde



I've missed the boat a bit with this one but yes, for the record, it's hugely irritating when people try to sterilise human activity of it's sexual content - of which mutual objectification is a part. No one chose to have a libido and the consequences of having one are often messy and unfair. But sex is inherently a big deal and to demand that such an integral part of a person is removed from their public works leads to inauthentic and therefore weak expression.

Of course anything can be evil when taken too far, but I cannot for the life of me see why anyone should be required to justify expressing appreciation for Kylie's bum. It is, by near universal agreement, spectacular.

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