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July 12, 2013



This is a decent blog and everything, but do you have to be a perv quite so often?


I'm not a perv. This is a perv:
There's a serious point I'm making here. It's that the apparently "serious" decisions of professional stock market investors actually have much in common with so-called "lowbrow" stuff such as our attitude to celebrities. Beneath their pomposity, those empty suits are just as shallow and trivial as oglers of Kylie's arse.


I don't mean to question the seriousness of the point you're making. But by posting the picture it feels as though there is a complicity with the oglers. And similar pictures often seem to find a way into your posts.

Szczepan Stachura

Once I saw this photo, I immediately assumed there's is a bear, or at least dancing clown in the background, just to prove the point. Of course I can't say there isn't - I'm still gawking where I'm supposed to.


Whatever your definition of perviness is, the general air of sexism is pretty depressing for female readers (and I sort of assume, most male readers too). I like this blog, but would really like it much more without it.


Ditto to David and Kate. I'm consistantly impressed by your writing and consistantly put-off by your choice of pictures. Surely you can talk about influence of lust, etc., without attempting to reproduce it?

Lady Problems

(a) Fuck the haters!

(b) Sexual attraction involves objectification, whether by a female or a male; one can/should also recognise the other as a subject.

(c) Kylie rules


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