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August 30, 2013


Luis Enrique

no doubt there's a lot of truth in this, but I can't help feeling a little uncomfortable about saying to politicians: the ends justify the means, now go out there and fight as dirty as you need to, to get your way!

John King

The point in this post though is that he's failed within the frame of reference of politics. The moral case is something else.


"Slowly, the numbers of the disaffected and dispossessed are growing."

I must say that is funny. I am falling over at the amusing sound of you and the tory hack feeling sorry for rich stupid people. I will reserve my sympathy for the disabled being impoverished by the bed room tax and other cuts thank you. And the people sent to Food banks in a very rich country. So tax can be cut for millionaires.

On US TV Cameron showed a huge ignorance about history. The issue for an economics blog is how poor the return is from sending twats to Eton and Oxford. If he and his Cabinet are a guide private education is a waste of money. Except for the connections that allow you to rise beyond your ability. As Cam seems a posh version of Edward Heath he and his chums will not be around for long and good riddance. If Miliband keeps accidentally defeating the Government he might become PM. And that would be just as funny.

edward martin

1 quite right Luis Enrique

2 cameron is learning 'post-tribal' 'no clear majority' uk politics - there's a distinct lack of alternative willing & electable leaders in his own party

3 didn't we have a suppressed strategic defence review when this gov't came in?
wasn't that the admission that the uk has to admit is world power delusions are just that?


Tony Blair and Gordon Brown were good at the immoral bit, Cameron has done well to be different

Chad Sexington

@ Keith

By bedroom tax I can only assume you mean the extra tax I am forced to pay so that other people can have an increased subsidy for their spare bedrooms when I can't afford a spare room myself?

Torquil Macneil

"Leadership isn't about being like Martin Luther King, but being like Lyndon Johnson."

Both surely, both men fit your definition of leadership.

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