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August 29, 2013



Here is a sensible post. If irreversible investments are explained by present bias and underestimation of future conditions, there is an obvious parallel between Cheryl Cole's bottom and the adoption of the euro by most EU members 13 years ago.
(If we could see them naked, we might find that the euro is not the only thing that some politicians regret)

Chris Clark

Another factor in present bias is the rapid shift in culture across generations brought on by mostly, i think, by media and communication technology. If you expect to behave in your middle/old age in a simlar manner to your parents'/grandparents' generation then you have a clear and constant reminder of your future and small present bias. Not so if you consider yourself a member of Generation X or Generation Y where you not only have no check on present bias but even an incentive to flaunt your present bias.

The gradual atomisation of society has many causes but seems to be the major factor behind tattoos - at least as far as I can see. The replacing of longstanding relationships within relatively closed societies for more transient relationships within more open societies produces a clear incentive to display bold and immediate character statements (eg tattoos) rather than develop a reputation for certain character traits (eg buying your round).

Tobin Pigou

Is there a typo here?

- We'd expect criminals to be especially likely to be tattooed, to the extent that committing crime betokens a lack of present bias, a failure to see that one's future self could end up inside.

Isn't failing to see the future self the bias? Ie there's no lack of bias?

Or am I confused?


@ Tobin Pigou - yes there was. Ta for spotting it. It's corrected now.


I love tattoos. They point out who to avoid like the plague. That especially goes for all those women who think they're being oh so rebellious by getting little tattoo on their shoulder or ankle (yes that means you, Samantha Cameron).


According to a quick internet search, between 17% and 33% of people who get tattoos regret them later. I suspect that people with credit card debt and criminal records are somewhat more likely to be despondent about their bad decisions.

(17% ) http://www.statisticbrain.com/tattoo-statistics/

(33%) http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/12/tattoo-regret_n_1654959.html

Tony Woolf

The point and the value of tattoos is precisely that they are hard to remove so they show committment. One wouldn't have a tattoo about a one-night stand.
The committment could be to a lover, team or family ("Mother"), but many tattoos are not about any of these but about groups. It might be to groups that identify with particular symbols that could be on the tattoo, or just to groups that wear tattoos in general (tough people that can put up with pain). I would guess that tattoo wearers feel more positive about other tattoo wearers than about the population at large. Belonging to a group can be very valuable, so tattooed people might not be so short-sighted as at first appears.


@Tony Woolf: "Belonging to a group can be very valuable, so tattooed people might not be so short-sighted as at first appears."

Indeed, in post WWII Germany citizens flashed their swastika and SS tattoos in order to get a job...

Tribal identity is productive within the tribe, but potentially destructive without it.

john malpas

way back in the 50s tattoos were often associated with sailors and syphilis.

Elizabeth Mast

i have tattoos that represent characteristics that i wish to have. in this case, i am looking into the future. what a better way to remember what i am working forward then to always have a reminder with me?

jonny bakho

Guys get them to impress women. Guys want to impress women when they are young and virile, not when they are old and impotent.
Women get tattoos to express faith in their man and expect reciprocity.
Tattoos have far more to do with sex, dating and more immediate gratification than a long term investment.

-jonny bakho

Kevin Hill

In my experience with college students, alcohol consumption--perhaps the ultimate cause of present bias--has a lot to do with the decision to get a tattoo.


This is good on the subject of tattoos and regret:

Richard Powell

As far as I am aware, I know just two people with tattoos. Both acquired them following the break-up of a relationship, for therapeutic reasons. Both tattoos are small and symbolically significant and neither is normally on public display. Both seem to have done the job of making the owner feel better.


Much of this theory is based on the assumption that people are making rational cost benefit analysis decisions. From our broader experience of global markets, we know better than to treat that as an axiom. As a commenter alluded earlier, the act of getting a tattoo after a night of drinking will take this discussion beyond the scope of this argument.


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