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February 10, 2014



If I can earn more money as a second rate manager than as a first rate coder, does that not suggest that management is where my comparative advantage lies?

To give a concrete example, (I think) Frances Coppola reckons she is a better singer than piano player, but could make more cash as an accompanist than a singer. Where is her comparative advantage?

Confused of London.

Socialism In One Bedroom

Abi Titmuss springs to mind here, and it would have made for a better picture!

She was nurse but ditched that career for, let's call it 'modelling'.

Having said that, whether you think the nation was better off her being a nurse or a 'model' depends entirely on you prespective!

On management, they tend to be a necessary evil, but I think society should be working toward a managerless future. I also think managers are over priced. Managers like to talk about making efficiencies but getting rid of them would be one of the more obvious efficiency savings!

Yet another Chris

Your question was about doing the video. I can only answer this from my experience as someone who is a good 'technician' and a reluctant manager. I gather you might define yourself in a similar way.

To keep on doing what I liked doing, I have found that self promotion (videos, conferences, running courses, white papers, articles,blog posts, etc) is essential. I don't really like doing any of these things. I'm especially reticent about speaking at conferences to 500 people.

But you have to do these things if you want to keep on doing what you like doing. A side effect for me has been management - the greasy pole. I don't think I've been promoted to the level of my incompetence, but in a technical occupation such as mine the boss is generally technically qualified.

So I'd recommend doing the video.


Yeah, I agree with Yet Another Chris, Chris.

Deviation From The Mean

Also being a 'technician' I have found that I am required to attend conferences, conduct Webinars, run courses, clinics, write reports, blog posts, update forums etc etc without being a 'manager'. It is part of the job spec.

The component part of being a manager is not really any of these things but doing periodic staff reviews, disciplining, writing team plans etc etc. So the management component is a pure overhead and the aspiration for society should be to reduce this overhead to the minimum possible.

A good way to do that would be to empower workers more.


I demand this be turned into a Youtube channel!

Get off your high horse and on to the goggle box!


But Chris, you have the comparative advantage of your telegenic location - get yourself filmed explaining economic curiosities while roaming scenic Rutland.

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