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March 05, 2014



Yeah, the fantasy world of classical economists includes the choice between income and leisure !

I doubt whether that premise accords with the experience of our own home-grown rough sleepers/destitute and of starving Africans.


TickyW is right.

As Keynes pointed out the classical view assumes says Law. We do not need to ask if Say really believed the form of the law usually attributed to him. But unless Demand is high people will tend to feel immigration is a threat not an opportunity. Neoliberal policies usually mean abolishing workers rights and cuts. The very thing right wing economists like make migration unpopular.


"In an economy of worker coops and full employment, workers would respond to immigration less by thinking "he's taking my job" and more by "he's freeing me up to do more productive stuff."

You would think this if you were confident of some inherent advantage to the immigrants. Since there are often some inherent disadvantages to the residents (e.g. higher outgoing commitments) workers might think:

"I am going to be freeing him up to do more productive (better paid, more interesting) stuff."

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