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April 14, 2014



Surely, what distinguishes a worker from a capitalist is the source of income, not the quantum? Workers derive their income from their labour, capitalists from ownership of the means of production, distribution and exchange etc.

Managers are agents of capitalists but they still sell their labour- time, so they are workers in an objective sense.

Perhaps more difficult is the small-shop owner who runs the shop his or herself. The money- commodity chain for them is M-C-M which suggests they are capitalists, although the exploitative relationship between owner and worker is absent.

Steve Roth

This is of course true, and more so now than before the industrial revolution.

But Arnold's emphasis on this serves more to obfuscate and misdirect from the crux, rather than to illuminate.

Red and yellow are distinct colors, even though orange exists.


Chris - Marxism may be intact, but if workers and capitalists don't map on to contemporary categories, where is the contemporary re-working of the marxist basics, as in the communist manifesto?


So, a global wealth tax with a view to redistribution. I believe it was said that 100 years after the French Revolution much the same class of people had become the rich as had been the case before that pruning exercise. So why would any body-politic be keen on redistribution? To prevent revolution - we have universal listeners to help with that. To encourage new growth and investment - that happens naturally, just that we in the West don't like the terms offered. To prevent or at least pay for war - possibly but sensible people know war is an unpredictable game best avoided at any price. So, a long period of symbiosis between the global body-politic and the very rich may be in prospect. What might disturb this stable state? - possibly resource competition or religion or even a second American revolution.

Paul McMc

"Perhaps more difficult is the small-shop owner who runs the shop his or herself."

Wouldn't they be petit-bourgeois?

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