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May 05, 2014



The noise from the hoi polloi in the MSM is far louder than ever before. The situation as you describe it isn't a complex subterfuge, you just have to open your eyes to see it. People are opening their eyes. I think this could degenerate pretty quickly once it reaches critical mass.

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Dean Baker often talks about how governments intervene to redistribute wealth and income upwards. For example, by stopping immigration of skilled Doctors and Lawyers who would compete with existing cartels.

See his book 'the end of loser liberalism'.


"The ordinary welfare state helps the rich too".

That's the point of the welfare state isn't it? The welfare state creates a world in which the poor cannot advance a moral argument for taking the wealth of the rich. Hence the intent is to allow the rich to keep the rest of their post-tax money.


To my mind the answer is to replace current taxes with a tax on gross assets. Then we will be paying for the state service of having our property protected in an amount proportional to the service received.

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