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June 17, 2014


Left Outside

You might be breaking a butterfly on a wheel, but I enjoyed that thoroughly.


Left Outside - a butterfly might not have been the insect I would have chosen.

Dave Timoney

Mensch's failure to appreciate the Burkean debt of the present to the past would be amusing if it were not for her insensitive language: "They were mostly kids and teens. It's absolutely immoral to blame them." Yeah, that's what we thought in 1989.


Great post that. Mensch is a sanctimonious blowhard who only left the UK in a physical sense, unfortunately. In retrospect I'd rather she had stayed in the UK and just expressed her opinion in US media where she'd be a shoe in for FOX news or the Washington Times.


mensch as bad as you say: but not all bad, she used to do drugs.


I care neither one way or another about Ms Mensch or her opinions, but I fail (possibly due to limited intellect) to follow the logic of this criticism. What has the level of earnings via different written media got to do with whether employees of an organisation should be blamed for contentious actions of a previous generation of employees?

Luis Enrique

Well ... Okay, but how long does it make sense to hold onto grievances for? In the year 3014 should we avoid The Sun because of Hillsborough?

(You mention nations, it's is certainly not the done thing to punish current generations for the sins of the past in that context)

Igor Belanov

Lets be honest, the Sun hasn't changed much since 1989. It is owned by the same person and different journalists parrot the same rubbish. They can't avoid criticism that easily.



"Okay, but how long does it make sense to hold onto grievances for?"

Let's see, shall we?

The less flippant response is that you are calling for rationality on an essentially emotive context and issue: that degree of detachment is hard to come by for most people.

gastro george

"She sees people as individuals detached from history."

And not alone in that. You could add various groups of libertarians. Significant parts of the coalition. Blair and democracy. Etc. ...


Left Outside and Luke -- how about "bug on a windshield?"


Enjoyed that. My thoughts about the Sun and Liverpool is that does it take a horrible event on that scale to make readers realise what vindictive, lying shit the Sun is?

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