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September 16, 2014


Matt Moore

Another great post.

You cracked it in the last paragraph. Humility is about recognising the limits of knowledge, not about bringing those limits artificially inwards.

Luis Enrique

"I'll join him on the barricades in saying that the economy is a complex system which is inherently unforecastable"

really? assign estimated probabilities to the following:

1. GDP halves next year
2. GDP next year is close to GDP this year

I am going for 0.1 and 99.9

if I asked you what would happen if the government introduced a minimum wage of £50 per hour, would you answer impossible to say?

An Alien Visitor

Isn’t the RBS Phones4u a distinction between a retailer and a bank?

“one reason why some countries are poor is that they rely too much upon complementarities”

Or put more succinctly, Africa was colonised for the stock exchange.

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