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September 23, 2014


Igor Belanov

There I was thinking this post was about Ed Miliband. But no, it's just a highly biased, paranoid, self-pitying whine about Arsenal.
If there was any evidence that the media 'had it in for' Arsenal I might be sympathetic. But I think as a supporter of a club that qualifies for the Champions League but hasn't come close to winning the league in 10 years, you should count your blessings really.


Have you read Syed's 10000 hours nurture over nature nonsense..


I am genuinely puzzled by the anti-Milliband press and saloon bar wisdom. Revenge for Leveson? Fear he might get elected?

And to anyone who reasonably points out that there was and remains a hatred of Thatcher/Blair - they were both actually in office for some time and did things that you might disagree with, but Milliband hasn't really done anything yet.

Luis Enrique

Igor you may credit the author with a little self awareness here

Socialism in One Bedroom

Hasn't Wenger been a bit of a yes man in relation to the Arsenal board? In the era of spending crazy money Wenger's balance the books approach seems like dogma, a dogma that has cost Arsenal many good players and reduced them to battling it out for 4th place.

And when he does finally spend the money it does nothing to enhance the team he has got. maybe that golden Arsenal team was a bit of luck for Wenger and the latter years are the real Wenger?

But you do have a point about Miliband!


No, London political journalists unsympathies do not lie with Labour.

Recall one fact: Half of Labour Party members live in London.

May explain why their real unsympathies lie with UKIP.

Socialism in One Bedroom

No doubt the press are unsympathetic to Labour leaders who lean ever so slightly to the left, one reason being that the media is owned by the very wealthy. You don't need to be Einstein to work out why.

But in the case of Miliband you miss something out I think, the fact that in our culture Miliband doesn't have those leadership qualities, he looks just a bit too nerdy to be a leader. This is a cultural thing, people have been conditioned to imagine a leader being a certain type. In this respect we are no less brainwashed than the citizens of North Korea.

Having said all this the very fact of Boris Johnson does make you think anti Labour bias has something to do with it also!

Dave Timoney

I think the last PM who was widely considered by the press to actually look like a leader prior to his elevation was Anthony Eden.


Great blog. Love it when you're angry.


Too true, Chris! Too true! Arsene and Ed are both damned if they do and damned if they don't. That said, Arsene has been prone to idiosyncratic decision making in recent years. The plan to persist with Manuel Almunia when it was perfectly obvious that he needed a better keeper was genuinely mystifying, particularly when the man was failing to perform routine claims of the high ball in the box and was spooking his defence. But, yes, pointing out the machinations of money launderers makes some people angry.

gastro george

And, true to form, Nick Robinson tells us that Ed's NHS pledge will increase expenditure less than Thatcher did. So what should he be doing, Nick?


All fair points but the key one is that Miliband is no Arsene Wenger.


"in our culture Miliband doesn't have those leadership qualities, he looks just a bit too nerdy to be a leader. This is a cultural thing, people have been conditioned to imagine a leader being a certain type".
(socialism in one bedroom. Sept. 23rd 2014)

Yes, there are lots of other cultures whose citizens haven't been brainwashed like us, where being nerdy, looking like a schoolboy, speaking in trite cliches in such a way that the fact that you have been coached is obvious and never having had a proper job are all highly regarded as leadership qualities.
The mind boggles.

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