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February 23, 2015


Thumbs up for pagethreeification!

Who is that woman and what does she have to do with this blogpost?

Dave Timoney

Definitely the new Peter Crouch.

Bill Posters

The woman (Nigella Lawson) was put there so that those of us without the maths to follow this post would still get something out of it.

An Alien Visitor

What is the probability of me getting off with Nigella?

We can't use the maths because the sample is too small. I would say let us see him over 3 seasons and then plug in the figures.

Though Messi was clearly great from day one, whereas the jury is still out on Kane. Not sure that is factored into the maths.


kudos for making the tenuous link in order to post a pic of Nigella Lawson!


Nice try at a diversion from the descent into averageness of Jack Wilshere

Igor Belanov

Michael Bridges had a very bad injury and struggled to get back to the top level after that. It would be stretching things to describe Seth Johnson as 'shining'. He was always a mediocre player who happened to be a beneficiary of Peter Ridsdale's madness.

Neither count as 'flash in the pan' footballers.

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