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June 02, 2015


Steven Clarke

I'm sure you have a better idea of the figures, but I guess a lot of businesses do fail and maybe partly due to bad leadership. Hopefully the market is sufficiently competitive for this not to be a huge problem.

In politics, alas, we have an oligopoly with huge barriers to entry. A dud leader is far more costly.

gastro george

I would take anything that Dan Hodges said and flush it down the toilet.

Igor Belanov

That Ed Miliband eh? Surely worse than Adolf Hitler and Jimmy Savile combined.

Deviation From The Mean

I often think we meed to look at how people react to leaders. I remember a scene in the Terry Gilliam film Brazil where a high ranking bureaucrat got someones name wrong and instead of correcting the high ranking bureaucrat he changed his name!

I see examples of this quite often, a high manager will interpret some data incorrectly and instead of correcting him everybody just politely nods and the false information takes on a degree of truth.

A left project should ruthlessly challenge hierarchy.


The last time I looked I observed politics is a collective undertaking. All the Labour leadership are to blame not one man. It is the structures that are to blame if a whole party leadership end up with duff policies or ineffective public relations.

After thatcher fell from power many Tories suddenly seem to have discovered lots of failures in her policies but they said nothing at the time. How easy to blame the boss once you have shown him or her the door.


"The man who is overconfidence"

- You mean "overconfident".
- What about women?

nicky haflinger

You are missing a significantly more parsimonious explanation. In competitive environments you only have to beat your opponents. If all large human institutions are delusional then there isn't anything to worry about being delusional yourself. The only thing to worry about would be competition from an organization that didn't have to be large. However in a democratic system a political party without a membership is a contradiction in terms. Likewise running a multi-billion revenue multi-national mega-conglomerate that had in total a few dozen employees isn't on anybodies agenda.

Like Peter and Parkinson good diagnosis but no prescription.

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