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October 21, 2015



Tax credits have been a disaster, whose purpose is to make everyone state-dependent. Having done so successfully, of course removing them will hurt. So raise the tax threshold more. I've always hated tax credits. A lousy make-work scheme for PCS and relentless dependence-engine.


In what sense are payments to people in work a "dependence engine"?


It is a right wing fallacy that providing money to poor people creates dependency. They can never prove it, so it is a religious edict used to deny reality. Of course, we note that providing money to rich people makes them less dependent since it spurs their creativity or innovativity. Truly, the rich are a different species, whose very existence repeals all the laws of reality.


Indeed you are right, and there are studies which suggest otherwise http://economics.mit.edu/files/10849



Socialism in One Bedroom

My sister has worked for the House of Fraser for 16 years and is still considered a temporary employee!

Tax credits are a crushing impact, am I turning you on yet Jackart?

There is a dependence culture, the likes of House of Fraser depend on employing people with next to no rights.

Hopefully if Corbyn wins the next election he will do something about this dependence culture. The Tories, as usual, will look out for the exploiting fat cats.

Meanwhile maybe we should start asking what the likes of Jackart contribute to society.

Everyone, justify your existence!!!!!!!!


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if cutting tax credits is such a bad idea then should they instead be increased? Or are they just right? What is the right level and how do you know?


Since we need people to work in House of Fraser and many other jobs that are at the bottom of the pile, if this money won't come from taxpayers, we would need a proper living wage to make up the difference.

An Alien Visitor

"Since we need people to work in House of Fraser"

Speak for yourself!

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