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March 05, 2016


Mr B.




New Zealand is probably the best case example. You carefully decriminalize it while putting in enforcement means for the people working in it to protect themselves and accept (or refuse) clients as they see fit. It's no different than regulating the legal trade of any other service with high demand but a lot of potential danger.

Also, I think sex workers (more than most) would benefit from unionization.

Deviation From The Mean

"The second part of the claim is that women are compelled into prostitution by poverty"

We never ask what drove a woman to flip burgers for McDonalds, or work behind the counter for KFC. I suspect it isn't a love of deep fried Chickhen!

I often think the criticism of prostitution comes from a certain type of personality and is directed against another type of personality. People like Harriet Harman just can't stand the idea that some women actually love being sex workers, because they love sex! This is the thing that horrifies people, not the exploitation. I think much of this is visible in the child sex cases. It is the more the idea of sexual pleasure that frightens and horrifies than the idea of abuse and expoitation.

Overall I agree with Corbyn's proposal and I mainly agree with this article.


As the youtube video shows, this is appears to be what the people working in the industry want: decriminalisation, labour/workers rights and social protection.

First do no harm - Hippocratic Oath.

Student fees and high housing costs are given as reasons in the following story.
(An unwelcome development)




"Students are turning to prostitution to reduce debts at the end of their studies, a major new survey has found."
1 in 20. More men involved than expected.

Motivation and advantages/disadvantages of the work are listed in the article/survey.

We need to reduce the economic pressure on individuals and in a fairer society, more social programs, including the abolishing of tuition fees and reduce rent seeking/inflation in the housing market.

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