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March 22, 2016


Deviation From The Mean

"All reasonable people experience conflicts between values."

Not to mention all unreasonable people as well.

Matt Moore


I disagree. Consensus is often the default of the unreasonable.

I trust a divided government little, but I trust a united government even less


The Government are split as they have failed.

Their policies have not improved the economy, restored proper growth or productivity. Or reduced Borrowing. They have increased poverty and inequality by cuts targeted at the people who are at the bottom and do not vote tory. More people are coming to see this all be it slowly.

They are also in a odd situation where there is a right wing obsession with leaving the EU which is irrational. As Cameron cannot argue with the irrational faction within his party he is doomed to endure splits. And suffer damage as a result.

As for the contradictions of tory policies, conservatism lacks any real coherence.

Conservative parties are for the rich and privileged. Actual ideas are not their speciality. So they hang together for reasons of a practical nature, while "conservatism" is a mere mish mash of ideas from inconsistent traditions cheery picked as needed. The revolutionary left on the other hand love theory, to the point of falling out and splitting and becoming ineffective as a result. The further away from any real power the left is the more important it is to disagree over subtle distinctions of theory. But if they hit on any useful ideas during the blood letting a Tory PM will be bound to introduce the new idea some time in the future, unless a Labour Man accidentally does it first.

Igor Belanov

Ironically I think these splits are due to the fact that the Tories won a (albeit small) majority at the last election.

In 2010 the party was glad to be back in power again even in coalition, and the leadership could always blame any disappointments on the need to compromise with the Lib Dems. Plus, any minor revolts within the party could be compensated for by Lib Dem votes.

Now there is not seen to be the same need for party discipline, and the permission to dissent provided by the forthcoming referendum has lifted the lid even further. I think the local/devolved assembly elections and the referendum campaign could go either way for the Tories. A bad showing at the May elections could lead to redoubled efforts and 'pulling together', or it could lead to squabbling over apportioning the blame. In June, the referendum might draw a line over the divisions or, as seems more likely, bring them completely into the open.

Deviation From The Mean

"Consensus is often the default of the unreasonable"

Not sure what consensus has to do with what I said but, consensus is the very epitome of reasonableness. Lest we forget the 5 steps to reaching a consensus:


These are not what are usually associated with being unreasonable.

So we may actually reach the opposite conclusion, being

"All unreasonable people experience conflicts between values, whereas all reasonable people seek consensus"

I guess it depends on your definition of reasonable, which brings me back to my first comment!

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