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April 07, 2016


Luis Enrique

but do you think capitalists still support Tory austerity because they habitually back anything that harms workers, despite (you claim here) worker bargaining power that not being an issue at moment?

if not that, maybe they are thinking more public debt = future tax increases on them?



I subscribe to the "twat is just a twat" explanation.

Deviation From The Mean

Worker discipline is fundamental to capitalists. The last bastion of a lack of worker discipline was the public sector. So what we have seen since 2008 is the boss class getting out the whip to the unruly workers.

The actual profit question is as much a fight between capitalists as between capitalist and worker. As Marx said, in order to restore profits you need to destroy values. So in a crisis brothers (i.e. capitalists) fight each other.

Even though Osborne is a Twat, he is a twat with a plan. The offshore tax havens are not some random accident you know!


The only plan GO has is to further GOs chances of being next PM - strategic thinking about how a Chancellor should behave seems to be absent. Where this may fail for GO is that those who voted Labour hate him anyway despite nicking living wage idea and those that voted Tory see him acting like a complete tw*t.


Part of the reason that privatisation is slow is that there aren't that many places left to privatise - and the Tories have been chipping away (Forestry, Land Registry.)

The 2 main areas left are education and health. And Academisation is the next big step forward.

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