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September 10, 2016


Igor Belanov

Everything she has said since becoming PM has been made-up rubbish to hide the real consequences of her policy ideas. Bringing back grammar schools in order to help working class children is just the latest ridiculous Orwellian statement.

She makes Blair or Cameron look sincere. In a sane world the Labour Party would already be in a position to make her life hell.

gastro george

"Of course, some of you might try to avoid this dilemma by defining merit as whatever is popular and sells"

Which is exactly what she is doing - responding to a number of popular issues for a certain class of Tory voter.

It's interesting that one of the core accusations against Corbyn is that he is nostalgic and backwards-looking, which is not necessarily true, yet this is exactly what May is doing.


This is the problem with 'freedom.' In a society individualism has limits. Because at some point what you want conflicts with what I want and we need a means to arbitrate between those demands.

Nobody minds differential from hard work. What is needed is 'meritocracy' along with a safety net. That includes things like dealing with trust funds.

"Which is exactly what she is doing - responding to a number of popular issues for a certain class of Tory voter."

Not just Tory voters according to The Independent:



Meritocracy admits of degree.


social darwinism is a form of “meritocracy“



This link addresses merit vs. democracy

Luis Enrique

"a moronic misuse of language "

hmm, I do not think defining meritocracy as being rewarded for producing things Chris Dillow finds worth of merit is a very good use of language either.

a meritocracy means that if there are jobs going for writing poisonous crap in the Daily Mail, then that job is taken by the best writer of poisonous crap as opposed to the editor's nephew. A meritocracy is not a society in which people doing good and worthy stuff are more rewarded then people producing popular lucrative rubbish, it's about allocating jobs on the basis of being good at those jobs, whatever they are.

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