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September 13, 2016


Ralph Musgrave

Brexit causes a climate of xenophobia? Complete and total BS.

But if there’s anything in that idea, then presumably anyone in the world who doesn’t want their country to join some sort of equivalent to the EU (e.g. the North American Free Trade Association) is also a xenophobe. The world is awash with people who hate foreigners according to the political left.

And the claim that UKIP members and Le Pen supports are all xenophobes according to your average foul mouthed brainless leftie is a bit difficult to reconcile with the fact that UKIP and Le Pen supporters go abroad for their holidays just like everyone else.

All a bit puzzling: I mean if you “hate foreigners” why mix with them when on holiday?

gastro george

Somebody once said that all Prime Ministers are either vicars or bookies. After Cameron you can add PR man.


Calm down Ralph and read the post properly before you comment.......
Yes, the spivs and the pieds noirs have always enjoyed feeling superior, and telling all the frogs, wops and a-rabs just how superior.....
Lording over a foreigner is always done best whilst throwing a bit of cash, and far more satisfying when on a relaxing holiday in their midst.


D Cameron has been rather successful: he has been handed a rather weak hand, with massive voter abstention, and many voters being pissed off at the Conservatives (and New Labour) for being too neoliberal and voting first Liberal and then UKIP.

He has managed to win, thanks to New Labour complicity, the AV referendum and the Scotland referendum, to destroy the Liberals quite cleverly. He has managed to keep his party semi-united.

I doubt that *anybody* could have delivered on the EU referendum, given that 70% of the sponsors of the Conservatives are pro-EU and 60% of its voters (and probably 90% of its members) are anti-EU.

That's a pretty fundamental split, even worse than that in the Labour party between centrist socialdemocrats who support Corbyn and tory-lite neoliberal who support Mandelson.



".... is a bit difficult to reconcile with the fact that UKIP and Le Pen supporters go abroad for their holidays just like everyone else"

I tend to agree with your broader point (that lefties overstate the racist-ness of brexiters), but this is just stupid.


It's not just a climate of xenophobia that Brexit has produced, it's a climate of open verbal abuse in the street physical violence and murder. To claim otherwise is utterly dishonest/politically motivated (delete where applicable).

There's plenty of people I'd happily see chucked out the country asap. I'm sure a list could be compiled fairly easily, starting with those on old BNP membership lists.

Churm Rincewind

This post would make equal sense if the term "public schools" were replaced throughout by "Oxbridge" - indeed, it would have considerably more force. For example, try replacing:

"Public school overconfidence, however, seems to be actively selected for: 19 of our 54 PMs went to Eton, and public schoolboys are over-represented in most professions."

with the equally true:

"Oxbridge overconfidence, however, seems to be actively selected for: 42 of our 54 PMs went to Oxbridge, and Oxbridge graduates are over-represented in most professions."

This seems to be a point which Chris is keen to avoid.


It's interesting that you can clearly show that Cameron understood neither politics nor economics given his first class honours degree in PPE at Brasenose. The glowing descriptions of him from Vernon Bogdanor and others also rather contradict the facts you describe.

Cameron is self-evidently useless at politics and economics which really ought to get those dons nervously quivering lest they be called out for their part in the whole bloody mess.

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