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October 01, 2016


Roy Lonergan


Kraftwerk were not New Romantics. Nothing wrong with New Romanticism as such but they just weren't/aren't. Neither were OMD (but you'll note that I've not put them in the same sentence as Kraftwerk). This falls way below your usual standards of accuracy.

Dave Timoney

I'm baffled how Kraftwerk crept into this, but just for the record, they enjoyed a UK vogue in the early 80s (hits with reissues of Computer Love and The Model) due to post-punk interest in electronic music, particularly that of German mid-70s bands (Neu, Can etc). This bled into New Romanticism (via Bowie) and synth-pop more generally.


Many people may be technologically retired in the not to distant future.

Apparently Polish Brickies are to be excluded from immigration restrictions.

Hasn't anyone heard of Sam and Hadrian, I am of course referring to S.A.M 100 and Hadrian X.


Two days, is that fast?


Apparently the Semi-Automated Mason, works three to four times as fast as a human. (Costs 330k)


But Hadrian X makes SAM100 look crude.

As for the Zipper Truck, it creates arches by turning the scaffolding into a movable falsework
which allows the blocks to fall under gravity into compression.


Technology will allow us all to retire, but with the current crop of politicians in charge, it could be a bumpy ride for the people born in the sixties. As transitions often are.


The PR version of FBR's Hadrian X previous video was Hadrian 105 the prototype version.


They refer to process as 3D printing.


@ Roy - Kraftwerk didn't self-identify as New Romantics; they both pre-dated & out-lived them. But New Romantics certainly saw them as such in the early 80s: The Model was adopted as a New Romantic song.
There's an analogy here with identity politics: some think that self-identity (eg as a woman or black) is sufficient definition of identity, whereas others don't. (The difference, of course, is that Kraftwerk are much more important than identity politics).

Bill Posters

I wouldn't infer too much from the life experience of Arthur Seaton. Last time I ran into him was at a hospital on the Costas, the liver damage had caught up with him. Claimed to have 33 grandchildren. A one off. I was out there putting up English signage in some of the local hospitals. Also Simon O'Brien ain't done too bad.


Back in the 1981 day Kraftwerk, Roxy, Japan were always on at the New Romantic bar I patronised.

Chris - real median male wages are lower now than in 1997 (table 1 then apply the BoE inflation calculator)


But since 1997

House prices more than doubled
Cost of university more than doubled
Final salary pensions almost vanished
Pension age risen

So you earn less, it costs more to rent/buy, you have greater debt, you have worse pensions, and you retire later.

As a commenter elsewhere said

"Wage rises are no longer tracking the cost of the most basic requirement - a roof over one's head.

Why ?

Because there is an abundance of people prepared to work for less.

Why the demand for housing ?

Because there is an abundance of people (prepared to work for less)"

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