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November 14, 2016


Xavier Trapnel

Maybe all this makes sense if you think that most people didn't like the hard-working smart kid in class when they were younger and that they particularly like that kid not that he/she has grown up. Since political commentary and leaving blog comments is nearly monopolised by people who were that kid it is quite hard for them to see this.

Ralph Musgrave

So the BBC “invited Marine Le Pen onto the Marr show not out of a deep interest in French politics but because it knows that fascism sells.”

Here we go again: leftie accuses a member of the “far right” of fascism without producing a shred of evidence. The real fascists are the political left: they’re into threatening to arrest those with the “wrong” political views (e.g. Le Pan) just like Hitler did.

In fact I'd go further: the political left is composed a mentally retarded turds. And I can’t be bothered justifying that statement because the political left never justifies the “racism / xenophobia / fasicism” accusations it throws around.

Takes some effort to descend to the crap logic employed by the political left, but I think I managed it there.

gillian bridge

I agree. How much better things could be if Putin,Al-Assad etc would remember that anything they have done will probably mean nothing in a hundred years' time,and it certainly won't mean anything to them individually. It's always the intense people who do most harm.

Churm Rincewind

"...the BBC is complicit...It invited Marine Le Pen onto the Marr show not out of a deep interest in French politics but because it knows that fascism sells. It booked Le Pen rather than Alain Juppe (the favourite to be next president) because it thought it would be “good TV”. And it rewards politicians like Johnson who play along with this aim."

I'm always suspicious of any claims to know why other people acted in the way they did. This is particularly germane at the moment, with many Brexiteers telling us why the electorate voted as they did on June 23 (as if they knew).

Is there any evidence at all that the BBC "knows fascism sells"? No there isn't. Or that it "rewards politicians like Johnson"? Again, no.

If there's no evidence, why make the assertion?

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