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December 07, 2016



@Dave @Blissex @anyone else

this article sums up the way I felt about the campaign.


@Dave Hansell

There is much in what you say. I would re-iterate however that here are noises coming from all over at the moment (apart from Jeremy Corbyn but that's another issue) and people are arguing for position and influence, so you can hear anything you want at the moment but it doesn't mean that voice has any power or influence.

Backward-looking arguments are fair enough but have limited relevance from here on. The vote was a huge shock to the system as the largest vote ever in this country delivered a clear signal to change direction. The spoils of victory will go to those parties who best identify the new direction. Theresa May got off to a good start with her Downing Street speech but the test now is whether she can deliver.

What I thought/hoped would happen is that politicans do some serious thinking about where the country and their own parties go from here. Unfortunately it just seems to have turned into an unseemly name-calling fight with no clear sense of direction.

I'd note your comments about Free Trade being a package do not match the realities of Germany or France - see here http://www.newstatesman.com/politics/staggers/2016/10/germany-and-france-bend-single-market-rules-so-why-cant-britain-control


@ Dave Hansell

finally on Scotland, Scotland (and NI) voted for the UK to remain in the EU. They got outvoted by others in the UK. That leaves a problem, and I expect that at some point there will be a push for a referendum for Scotland that will be a choice of union - with rUK or with the EU. If rUK can't put a better proposition in front of the Scots than the EU then we will deserve what we get.

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