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February 28, 2017


Luis Enrique

I hate your posts with horribly convincing scary final paras

Dave Timoney

Another way of looking at it is that it was Nick Clegg's fault. The decision to enter coalition with the Tories not only committed the country to austerity but collapsed the LibDem vote in 2015, thereby handing the Tories a majority that in turn led to Cameron ceding the EU referendum to placate his right-wing.


A further way of looking at it, is that this is blowback of the financial crisis.

Mark Baum (in The Big Short): "I have a feeling, in a few years people are going to be doing what they always do when the economy tanks. They will be blaming immigrants and poor people".

What I simply don't understand is: what is the motivation of the Brexit leaders. My best assumption is that - most seem to be libertarians - and they feel that the only way they can recreate Galt's Gulch is by removing the UK from the EU's suppossedly collectivist clutches. My worse suspicion is that the proejct is entirely one of ego and insecurity on the part of its leaders - desperately seeking their day in the Sun.


Labour's revival will have to wait for Brexit to screw up. But I suspect our problems are a bit deeper than whether Corbyn is any good or not. I reckon our problem is of an over-developed society in which those on the upper side of the income bracket are either scarcely productive at all or their work is productive but takes employment away from those on the lower side of the income bracket. By over developed I mean too many people working as advisers, agents, approvers, lobbyists and professional committee attenders. This is I think a bigger problem than a political party can fix.


"Nor do I say so to exculpate Corbyn: the fact that he's been dealt a bad hand doesn't justify him playing it badly."

Corbyn could have used Brexit to call for a JG and use the new freedoms. Blame Simon-Wren Lewis.


I have the feeling JC is not trying to win the next election.
He is much happier talking to people who agree with him, and not having to make messy compromises.

Dave Hansell

Given the consistent behaviour of the managerialists from the Blair cult within the Labour Party - which really does not require a Janet and John listing as anyone not comatose and in possession of even only half a brain cell will be aware of - the evidence points to the exact opposite.

As with any power elite within an organisation faced with an internal challange to their power, status etc ( and there exists plenty of material from the organisational behaviour field on this), the right wing infiltrators and entryists of those in and around the self styled 'Progress' would rather the Labour Party collapse completely and never ever win a single election again than offer a genuine choice to the Thatcher light ideology they have committed their psyche's and ego's to.

Indeed, barely a day goes by without someone from that failed tendency shouting the odds in the media that this is their position and going on to back up their words with behaviour designed to undermine their own party and candidates.

On the matter of the EU blue collar vote their exists a contradiction at the heart of this simplistic conclusion. On the one hand 63% of Labour supporters voted Remain, on the other hand a majority in many seats held by Labour in the former industrial North and Midlands voted to leave. Attempting to claim that both of this represent Labour voters ignores the fact that just because many of those areas are Parliamentary seats held by the Labour Party in a first past the post system does not mean there are not actually a majority of non Labour voters in those ares supporting other Parties or none.

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