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March 30, 2017


Holder On

Ian Dunt is a turd https://twitter.com/Kingkeir/status/847422760913477633


My feeling is that this kind of politician just doesn't think about things like state capacity. It's an issue that isn't on their radar.


Your ideas about conservatism are Romantic. I am afraid like many on "The Left" there is a strong tendency to take Tories /GOP politicians at face value and believe they have ideas or want to represent them or people. The modern right are just the representatives of corrupt banking and business interests who make up their ideology as they go along.

I am willing to accept that once there was a strain of social conscience or patriotic identity with the people among conservative types. Most obviously in the war time generation. But like traditional social democracy on the Labour side this all went away with the disappearance of the generation of the blitz and rationing. The Libertarian rhetoric is a front for neo feudalism where the state subsidises private profit and the corrupt like Osbourne get a share of the pie. Cheap at the price. The Tory party will ask the interests what they want, which they will get. And if lots of people are shafted then so be it. Any scandals like with welfare reform will be covered up. If they are lucky the victims will get an apology from a future PM when the victims are safely dead and cannot gain any useful recompense. We are all sorry about turing old boy so here is a saccharine eulogy.

Obviously most brexit type voters want hanging as they are ignorant backward people like the Trump voters in America. Not possesed of two ideas to rub together.


After Brexit the people in charge may well be buffoons. But they will be our buffoons.


Is this corner of cyberspace a part of some sort of 20th century revolutionary re-enactment society? We have Chris pretending to be a Marxist, and now Keith is dressing up as some sort of PolPot-ist.


It seems inconsistent with your views on worker cooperatives to be neutral as regards the governance of the State between EU and UK. The EU has less strong democratic oversight than the UK government given that for example the Commission which is the executive branch of the EU is unelected and so much power vests in the Council of Europe. Therefore if one believes that better governance drives better outcomes and that greater participation drives better governance then one should expect the U.K. state to have more competence in the longer term.

This is surely pretty key to Leaver belief that we will do a better job of governing ourselves.


Uh, Frank, the "old" UK was already "governing" themselves and did very poorly. The truth is, the EU buffered the UK from the "people of color" at the expense of Eurasian immigration. Now you will have a colored hoard like you have never seen before.

You represent the failure of modern dialectics. The Rothschild spun you like a sheep and will spit you out for dinner when Scotland and Northern Ireland break off. There will be nothing left but the looting.

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