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April 26, 2017


Matthew Moore

'All of which leads me to agree with George Monbiot: “After 38 years of shrill certainties presented as strength, Britain could do with some hesitation and self-doubt from a prime minister.”'

Ah yes, Monbiot: the man who would organise all our lives according to his designs. The man who would deindustrialise society for the greater good. Not much self-doubt there.

And is he talking about Corbyn, the man whose politics has been preserved in aspic for decades? That hardly screams self-doubt does it? More granite-like certainty.

Corbyn prevaricates on various defence issues, not because he's exercising a modest caution, but because he finds all the West's enemies to be sympathetic and valiant heroes, but can't say that.

Hesitation and self-doubt? Isn't that the definition of conservatism?

Jacques René Giguère

Mussolini didn't make the train run on time. He was a bully and people believed him when he told them to believe.
Under every incompetent dictature, the people always say:"Ah thing would work so well if only the Great One knew!"


The new Bank Holidays proposal is potty. St David and St Patrick both fall in March; St George falls in April. Easter shuttles back and forth between March and April. So, some years, we would get 4 Bank Holidays in March. In the other years there would be 3 Bank Holidays in April. St Andrew falls in October. So, 4 new Bank Holidays, all of which would happen at times of year when the weather is likelier to be lousy and the hours of daylight are certain to be shorter. Socialist Planning at its very best.


«Michael Fallon warned that the Tories could use nuclear weapons as a pre-emptive measure. This is seen as evidence of “strong leadership” rather than the threat of a psychopathic war crime.»

First pre-emptive use of nuclear weapons against non-nuclear armed enemies is the official, bi-partisan, strategic policy of the UK, and arguably of NATO and the USA too, according to Wikipedia, quoting official sources:

«In March 2002, British defence secretary Geoff Hoon stated that the UK was prepared to use nuclear weapons against "rogue states" such as Iraq if they ever used "weapons of mass destruction" against British troops in the field.[28] This policy was restated in February 2003.»


«The UK is prepared to use nuclear weapons against rogue states such as Iraq if they ever used "weapons of mass destruction" against British troops in the field, defence secretary Geoff Hoon has told MPs.
Mr Hoon said he was not certain Britain's nuclear arsenal would deter a first strike from a state willing to sacrifice its own people to make a "gesture".»

«The United States has refused to adopt a no-first-use policy, saying that it "reserves the right to use" nuclear weapons first in the case of conflict.
... The new doctrine envisions commanders requesting presidential approval to use nuclear weapons to preempt an attack by a nation or a terrorist group using weapons of mass destruction. The draft also includes the option of using nuclear weapons to destroy known enemy stockpiles of nuclear, biological, or chemical weapons.”

«Once Again: Why a ‘No First Use’ Nuclear Policy Is a Very Bad Idea
It would reduce the potential cost of using conventional, chemical, and biological attacks for would-be aggressors. [ ... ] NFU has, however, been rejected by all previous Democratic and Republican administrations for very sound reasons, most recently by the Obama administration in 2010.»


«Hesitation and self-doubt? Isn't that the definition of conservatism?»

Surely of the conservativism of Thatcher, Duncan-Smith, Howard, Hague, Osborne, ... to name a few Conservative leaders clearly cautious and self-doubting. :-)


It's Corbyn's attitudes rather than his policies that have been preserved in aspic. But there again if you think I am my brother's keeper why would you change it? It is just our devout Christian Prime Minister who has no self doubt at all about cutting the benefits for the poor.

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