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June 01, 2017



Another point: https://promarket.org/business-journalism-fails-spectacularly-holding-powerful-account/

John Stephen Moorby

Interesting example of writing to your audience in the FT today. Tim Harford, whose writing and comment I enjoy, dismisses Corbyn as a shambolic leader. But the blurb for his current book, Messy, reads: "In Messy, Tim Harford reveals how qualities we value more than ever - responsiveness, resilience and creativity - simply cannot be disentangled from the messy soil that produces them." It looks as if Harford is catering to two different audiences here.


***Here’s a thought experiment: what sort of journalism would we see if people weren’t being paid to do it? We’d probably not see journalists harassing the bereaved; or phone-hacking; or heavy pro-Brexit bias; or the sidebar of shame; or so much anti-Labour bias; or so much neglect of poverty and inequality; or the tiresome attention-grabbing of the likes of Hopkins and Young; or attempts to blame Ariana Grande or Jeremy Corbyn for terror attacks***

I am completely confident we would, and I can think of bloggers who actually have done all these things or close substitutes. I can think of bloggers who have done most of them. Between Chris and myself, we almost certainly know at least one candidate personally.


"heavy pro-Brexit bias"

I find the FT and Economist to be particularly bad, don't you?

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