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July 11, 2017



"Surely not. The best way to achieve better work is to ensure that employees have the power to reject oppressive jobs and choose good ones. This requires that they have outside options – something to walk away to."

No, the best way to do this is to expropriate the bosses and for the workers to run the workplace themselves. In other words, the abolition of wage-labour.

In short, libertarian socialism...

Dave Timoney

I suspect the general election result pretty much killed the Taylor Report stone-dead. I presume the idea was that a now-triumphant Theresa May would use it as pabulum in advancing her "workers agenda", encouraging a weakened but by now "sensible" Labour Party to support her strategy of sentimental managerialism (i.e. paternalism in old money). In the event, both May and Taylor look like history's leftovers.


“not so much active subjects as passive objects” subject to Welfare Conditionality should adequately paid work elude – hence rising numbers of carers, indebted students, and self employed. Full-employment and a growing, piss-poor economy, marvellous!

Castle Anthrax

Ahhhh yes, "managerialism", the disease that fancies itself the cure.



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