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July 27, 2017



The fact any negotiations would be conducted it seems by Fox, who has already had to resign once in disgrace, is deeply worrying to me. His links with Atlantic Bridge need checking out. Would negotiations be conducted with the welfare of the UK uppermost in the minds of the relevant UK ministers?


My worry is we are already being told that if we do not accept US food without question then we are the ones standing in the way.
The argument that when you visit the USA you are eating this stuff so its okay for when you get home is a poor argument since much of the UK cant afford holidays in America.
There is also food chain security. Horse meat maybe safe to eat but when our regulations ban it I want to know its not in my food and I want confidence our regulations are being followed.
Finally I am not happy at the idea that we buy all our food from abroad and ignore the plight of our own farmers. Free Markets are great when they serve us. When Free Markets destroy your own food standards and farms then you need controls.
At least with Europe we had a say. Can you imagine the USA listening to the UKs thoughts.



"Liberal defenders of global capitalism led by President Obama like to stress the fact that the treaties enshrine workers’ rights and gender equality, and they imply that the other provisions are necessary to enforce these rights and to prevent states from restricting free trade through such means as the manipulation of labor laws and heath and safety regulations. But the fundamental fact is that supranational intervention on behalf of left-wing causes is bundled together with intervention on behalf of modern global capitalism, and it is not difficult to see which type of intervention will have—and is intended to have—the most lasting impact."

The EU is not a trade association but a proto-superstate, missing vital elements, like democracy and wealth transfers, but having a supranational court, which constantly expands EU competence (scope).

The BBC are offshoring Jobs, to fund more pay for 'Talent'.


"The workers were warned they will be pushed into an "availability pool", where some may be redeployed to another role within the company.
But only a fraction are expected to be retained on the BBC account, with most of those local roles to be exported to Atos centres in Poland and India, sources told us."

Jobs for mere mortals and taxpayers to be transferred abroad, along with the purchasing power and organisational knowledge.

derrida derider

You've surely missed the worst thing of all about a bilateral deal that increases trade between the partners - that the bulk of the increase in bilateral trade is trade DIVERSION rather than trade CREATION. Getting an extra 2.4% of GDP going to US-UK trade does not mean that either US or UK aggregate GDP will rise by anything like that.

This the reason trade economists are usually strong proponents of multilateral approaches, such as through the WTO or (dare I say it) the EU. They've done a huge amount of empiric work on this over the years, whose results all indicate trade diversion effects are generally big.


Fox's schtick is that all of a sudden we can boost trade. Well, if it were that easy why hasn't everyone done it. Why hasn't Norway or Sweden or whatever rolled up their sleeves and boosted trade. As you say there are multiple barriers, not that easy at all.

Worse still, innovation requires a warm and fertile soil and a benign environment and a fair amount of time. Added to which there has to be something new 'in the air' capable of exploitation. Then you have to hope no one will spot the idea or opportunity first. Then of course if I had a good idea I and my backers would be looking round the world for the best place and transfer the idea in a heartbeat. Fox and his mates would do the same, the hard cold stony soil of the UK venture capital market ensures that.

Then world events are moving unfavourably. The Giga Factory is the new thing, applied to the car industry those new electric cars will put millions out of work. Everyone will be falling over themselves for the world's two or three Giga Factories supplying essential components, add a local body shell and paint job and your done. Fox and his mates don't care and will not be able to do much anyway.

Don't kid yourself or us Foxy, inside or outside the EU there are no sunny uplands.


It always pays to keep a very close eye on what disgraced former ex-Minister Dr Liam Fox is doing when he is abroad, especially the USA. He re-launched Atlantic Bridge after the invasion of Iraq by going to the USA and saying that the Tories had voted for the invasion so please give us some money.

If animals are raised in the USA in conditions that require over-use of antibiotics and washing in chlorine, it is of little concern to him. If antibiotic resistance is imported into the UK from the USA food-chain, that is of little concern to him (even though he supposedly a medic). If the UK cannot trade in food with the EU because it has accepted USA conditions, it is of little concern to him. His concern is access to American funding-streams.

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