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August 10, 2017


Steven Clarke

Can Cersei still be a MILF now her children are dead?

Simon C

Does Daenerys’ modilfness not sway you? Why are you discriminating against certain types of mother?


Too many question Dany, not enough question Jon.

He hanged Olly - who watched his parents killed and possibly eaten in front of him. His direwolf doesn't acknowledge him after his "resurrection". He threw away lives after rashly breaking formation at the Battle of the Bastards.

The Dany-bashing is as tiresome as the Jon fellating. I don't understand why fans treat them differently. Perhaps because one is the traditional white male saviour; the other an uppity female?

Peter K.

You have a point about looks, but overlook many things. For a while it was Joffrey verus Stannis versus Daenerys who was busy freeing the slaves in Essos.

I was a Stannis man for a bit. A good man named Davos followed him.

Daenerys has dragons and magic. As Jon Snow pointed out, Danerys was hesistant to massacre King's Landing, so that makes her better than Cersei.

When it was pointed out to Cersei that they didn't have enough grain for the coming Long Winter, she commanded the Gold Cloaks to push the excess peasants out beyond the city walls.

Daenerys freed the slaves of Slavers' Bay/Dragon's Bay.

She was reluctant to reopen the fighting pits.

She took on Missendei, Grey Worm, Jorah, Varys, and Tyrion as advisers - all good people with mostly good intentions.

In the books Tyrion is very ugly.

Andrew S

Here's a homework assignment, Chris. Please rewrite this blog post using examples from Corrie...


Well it's pretty obvious that individuals in this "saga" are irrelevant and as such it's irrelevant whether they are good or evil. A multitude of characters with different backgrounds (well, different privileged backgrounds) consistently fail to produce a single individual thought and are brutally devoured by the stagnant cesspool of the society at the end of history that they live in. No one can imagine Westeros without a king. No alternative is coming, ever. The Champion of light 1 thought he had to be a king, Champion of light 2 is expected to become the king, Daenerys has a starting bonus, but she's persisently being pushed towards building a dynasty. It didn't work the first time, or the second time, but by god, at some point the king will return to sit on a mountain of corpses.

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