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September 19, 2017



It's not complicated.

Austerity was, and is, a poor policy by any criterion you like. Real wages have flatlined and even government debt has risen (not that that last issue was ever important even to the Tories.)

That policy was whole-heartedly endorsed by both the Labour leadership under Miliband and the Lib Dems in office.

Therefore those with an inkling of intelligence and humanity now supports Corbyn. (And those without continue to blame immigrants.)


Indeed. Redefining requires centrists to recognise how transparently biased their moralizing has been; and just how much they need the other side of the story to be heard (and respected not pitied). What we really want is for our institutions to be able to generate and maintain enough support so as to enable our economy to develop responsibly with requisite care for all. So currently: more power to your elbow JC.
Media outlets arguing JC supporters are a deluded pack inviting a '70s throwback to instigate totalitarianism is, to say the least, unsurprising...

gastro george

"It’s difficult to sell capitalism to people who have no capital and little hope of getting it."

Nice line.

gastro george

Further evidence that they don't get it. Nick Clegg Accuses Labour Of ‘Demonising Austerity’

gastro george

Failed link. Here it is again: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/entry/nick-clegg-accuses-labour-of-demonising-austerity_uk_59c017c7e4b06f9bf0488d8c

Luis Enrique

It’s difficult to sell capitalism to people who have no capital and little hope of getting it.

I don't understand this. Capitalism has always been sold to people with no realistic hope of becoming capitalists. Unless you are referring to home ownership. But owning your home doesn't make you a capitalist.

I think it's something different. The story capitalism is good for workers is now harder to swallow.


Luis Enrique is not totally wrong, but in England I think lots of working class people did buy the idea that owning your home made you a Capitalist. Hence right to buy. Some have actually become slum landlords this way so have become dependent on unearned income created by selling off state assets on the cheap. The reality of increasing inequality follows from these kinds of policy and their long term effects.


Do Corbyn supporters really believe he will make them better off?
If so then they are fools!
And aren't we always being told that we should emulate Germany?
What have wages done there?
What are home ownership levels there?
Where is Germany's Corbyn?!


The figures emphatically do not say that "Labour members [are] disproportionately professionals" - that element of Cohen's article is a distortion of the data. Labour members may be disproportionately ABC1, but ABC1 covers an awful lot of ground; C1 covers all non-manual jobs lower than 'intermediate', i.e. everyone who's not a manager and whose working life puts them behind a desk. As you might expect from observable changes in working patterns, the ABC1 population share has been growing steadily and currently stands at 54%; perhaps the Labour membership is just ahead of the curve. Also worth noticing is this page
(from which I took the 54% figure), which comments
"the largest electoral bloc in Britain are C1s. The Conservatives beat Labour among this grouping by some 15 points in both 2010 and 2015, suggesting that any future Labour success would probably need to close this particular gap."

A 'disproportionate' focus on disempowered clerical workers might be just what Labour needs. The Conservative lead among C1s in 2017 was 4%.


cjcjc - I feel a lament coming on.

"Oh... Germany's Corbyn!"

Patrick Maguire

Talk about being late to the party. Have none of you read The Decline of Working Class Politics
by Barry Hindess?

It detailed how the Labour Party had been taken over by the middle class.

When was it written?



Cohen's loathing of Corbyn is of course unsurprising. One word - Palestine.

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